Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Big E

Yay! I'm going to the Big E today. I'm so excited cause it's been a few years since I've been there and it is a childhood favorite of mine.
The Hub doesn't believe me that the Maine baked potatoes are the best--little does he know that I am getting one today whether I have to wait 5 minutes or an hour! See these baked potatoes are the best you will ever taste, and I don't even like baked potatoes much. They are so popular that back in the day you'd have to wait an hour in line for one, but I've heard it's a much quicker wait now. We'll see...

Seeing as the Big E is a childhood favorite of mine, it's only fitting that my childhood friend called me randomly a few days ago and just so happens to be going today as well! Jeff is the closest thing I have to a brother. We grew up together with one house in between us, and have shared so much. Now he lives one town away.
Should be a good day, and the weather is perfect!

Looks like Ciara is performing tonight at 8pm too.
There's no better place to enjoy the sights, sounds and taste tempting aromas of the fall season than at The Big E, New England's Autumn Tradition and the largest fair in the northeast. It's a New England extravaganza with free top name entertainment, major exhibits, The Big E Super Circus, the Avenue of States, dazzling thrill shows, New England history and agriculture, animals, rides, shopping, crafts, a daily parade and a Mardi Gras parade and foods from around the world for 17 glorious days during New England's most colorful season.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beware of Teddy Bear's Vengeance!

I saw this news article and thought I was reading the onion or something.

Teddy Bear Kills 2,500 Fish In New Hampshire

(CBS4) MILFORD, N.H. A teddy bear dropped into a pool at a New Hampshire fish hatchery killed all 2,500 rainbow trout living in the pool.

Fish and Game Department hatcheries supervisor Robert Fawcett said the teddy bear, dressed in a yellow rain coat and hat, clogged a drain earlier this month at the Milford hatchery, blocking oxygen flow to the pool, and suffocating the fish.

The fish were worth a total of $1,232.50.

"We've had other things clog the line, frogs, birds, but we never expected a teddy bear coat to come out of the pool," said Richard Prunier, Fish Hatchery Superintendent.

Police are not involved. The Hatchery is waiting for someone to come forward collect the bear.

Fawcett urges anybody who drops objects into a hatchery pool, to find an employee to remove it. "They might save your teddy bear, and keep it from becoming a killer," he said.

The fish are raised for fisheries management, to provide a recreational fishing opportunity for people who purchase a fishing license.

You gotta keep an eye on those Teddy Bears...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Other Lion King

So my family has this cat who started off as a scraggly neighborhood stray and inched his way into their hearts. When he first starting coming around the house he was literally missing scruffs of hair and looked near death. I would only pat his head cause he looked so dirty and had open oozes. Of course, everyone felt sorry for him and made sure he became well-fed and well-loved. He never really had a name so everyone calls him Orange Boy or Fat Cat. He kind of looks like Garfield, but we already had a cat named Garfield at one point so that was out.

One of Orange Boy's problems is that his long hair gets tangled together and hurts his skin, so my sister, Jen, took him to the vet to get him checked out. When they came back with the cat she really didn't think it was hers! The vet shaved him--pretty much all of him!!!! With the exception of his head, his paws, and the tuft of his tail he is bald, and not as fat as he looked!

The first week or so afterward he was too embarrassed to leave the house. Now his fuzz is growing in nicely, and he is once again out and about showing off his new lion look.

This isn't the best picture of him, but you get the idea...

The mailman says he's the prettiest cat on his route.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Who's Your Papi?

Sometimes it's good to be over the Hill! Congratulations to David Ortiz on # 52!

Known as "Big Papi" to his swelling base of fans, Ortiz blasted his way into the Red Sox history books surpassing Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx's mark of 50 home runs set in 1938.
"Great feeling," said Ortiz. "Especially doing it here at home in front of my fans. I think the whole [Red Sox] Nation really enjoys when you do something like that at home. It's pretty fun. I mean, people were just going crazy out there

Ortiz made the historic hit off Minnesota Twins left-hander Johan Santana in the first inning, receiving a thunderous ovation from the Fenway faithful as he rounded the bases, tipping his helmet to the crowd after reaching home base.In the seventh inning, Ortiz connected on his second homer of the night, a solo shot to deep center helping the Red Sox to a comfortable win.

"It was fun just to be a part of it and to just sit and watch it," said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. "David means so much to all of us, and I think the best thing I can say, probably the most honest thing I can say, is that as good a hitter as he is, he's probably a better person. That's saying something."

Only 10 players in American League history have hit 52 home runs in a single season.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Une Bonne Anniversaire

Well it has been one year (last Sunday) since we tied the knot, and it has certainly flown by. This September 19th will mark 7 1/2 years of being together and in some ways I've felt like I've been married for more than a year (in a good way). But marriage certainly is different, and I like it. There are some divorcees at work who talk down on it, but one concedes that it wasn't marriage that was bad, it was the guy. Others who are older and still married seem to like it, but some more than others. Some complain about their spouse, and laugh at me when I tell them I like marriage. They tell me in the grand scheme of things I've only been married for like a minute, and warn me that it all changes after kids come into the picture. I'll think I'll ride this out for a little while, even though I love kids.
We had a good anniversary, and took Tuesday off from work to enjoy a long 4 day weekend away. In keeping with tradition we kept the top layer of our wedding cake and defrosted it on our anniversary. We were a little leary to have it since we had heard from others that we should expect it to be pretty gross, but to our surprise it tasted delicious! We could still taste the strawberry champagne flavored filling and it was even soft. Sweetness. Props to Cerrato's.
I'd say the best part about our wedding day was sharing it with so many loved ones. It was a feeling I'll never forget. An older couple told us in Hawaii that sharing your life together with someone you really love is a gift and wished us as many years as they continued to have together. I feel very blessed to have him there through the good and the bad. Come what may, I look forward to the years ahead...