Friday, December 23, 2011

My favorite day of the year

Christmas Eve!

I love everything about Christmas Eve. I always have. There is so much anticipation and magic about it, and I'm happy to say it hasn't worn off with the years.
Having children makes it that much more special. Thomas loves to sing and play the piano (or his keyboard for now). Some of his favorite Christmas songs are Jingle Bells (I have a video of him singing this while playing his Xylophone at age 1 3/4), Silent Night, Santa Clause is Coming to Town and he just recently learned Feliz Navidad in the car with Daddy. He had his winter concert at preschool last Tuesday and he was the loudest singer in his class. The music teacher took me aside at Nicholas' concert the week before to make sure Thomas would be there because she said if he's not singing the others don't either, and she told me how loud and strong his voice is. Well she was not kidding! He did a great job and afterwards a lot of parents were commenting about him to me.

I was bummed that I didn't have my camera to capture it on video. I had given it to the Hub to take pictures of a brand new house we looked at the Sunday before in Millis while I stayed with the boys in the car to feed Nicholas, and I couldn't find it for the concert. Though I may still ask another boy's father who was recording it on his iPad and his son was standing next to Thomas so he got in the shot.

I did manage to capture a couple pictures after creating space on my Blackberry, and I did get parts of Nicholas' show.

Being the only boy in his class, Nicholas was the Nutcracker and all the girls were ballerinas. It was so cute and they all shook their bells and shakers while the music teacher, Armina, played on the piano. One of my favorite things about this daycare and preschool is that they have a strong emphasis on learning music early on, which kids just love, especially my boys.

I'll try to upload the Nutcracker video later, but for now, I should finish up some preparations for tomorrow.

Wishing the world peace, love and joy during this season of hope and wonder.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December already?

Are you sure?

Not sure how November went by so fast, but I guess that old saying holds true since we had a lot of fun. Thomas went to a very cool birthday party for his friend and fellow November 2008 baby, Clayton. It was a curious creatures 3rd birthday party and it was probably the most entertaining kids party I've ever been to. They had gone to Clay's pre-school and he couldn't stop talking about it so his mom thought why not have them come back for his party.

I held a scorpion, we petted a skunk, turtle, chinchilla, snake, mini gator, rabbit and flying squirrel. It was pretty cool.The guy who ran it was knowledgeable and entertaining, too! All and all, a very fun party (even for the adults).

We also celebrated Thomas' 3rd birthday party, and he wanted a Toy Story theme since he is all about Buzz Lightyear right now. I am probably going to have to come back and post about his party another time since the kids keep me quite busy. I had started to write this post a few days into December, saved it as a draft, and didn't get back on-line (for leisure) until now.

So adios until my next free time...