Sunday, December 11, 2011

December already?

Are you sure?

Not sure how November went by so fast, but I guess that old saying holds true since we had a lot of fun. Thomas went to a very cool birthday party for his friend and fellow November 2008 baby, Clayton. It was a curious creatures 3rd birthday party and it was probably the most entertaining kids party I've ever been to. They had gone to Clay's pre-school and he couldn't stop talking about it so his mom thought why not have them come back for his party.

I held a scorpion, we petted a skunk, turtle, chinchilla, snake, mini gator, rabbit and flying squirrel. It was pretty cool.The guy who ran it was knowledgeable and entertaining, too! All and all, a very fun party (even for the adults).

We also celebrated Thomas' 3rd birthday party, and he wanted a Toy Story theme since he is all about Buzz Lightyear right now. I am probably going to have to come back and post about his party another time since the kids keep me quite busy. I had started to write this post a few days into December, saved it as a draft, and didn't get back on-line (for leisure) until now.

So adios until my next free time...

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