Thursday, April 10, 2014

Isabella Rose

I've always been sure that I wanted three kids and now that I have them it has brought me an indescribable feeling of completeness...a joyful peace. Isabella Rose was born on our 8th wedding anniversary and though her pregnancy was nothing like the boys, where I loved being pregnant, and hers was very painful, her life outside of the womb has more than made up for it. She has claimed the spot of "best baby ever!" Mostly because she is my best sleeper by far and right from the start.
The boys have been great with her addition and adore her to pieces. They always want to hug and kiss her and it's sweet to see. Hopefully, I'll find more time on the laptop and get back into writing on this blog, but for now, off to get things done while all three sleep...tomorrow it's off to Grandpa's to learn how to make his better-than-anything-I've-eaten-in-Boston's-North-End tomato sauce. Yum!

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