Thursday, January 12, 2012

Underwear and Pizza

Despite the total lack of sleep I've had in the past few nights (Nicholas has been waking pretty consistently and then I have a hard time getting back to sleep; not that he leaves much time for that anyway. He's has a stuffy/runny nose lately so I am going to hope it will pass soon), it was a really good day.

I was super productive at work (at home) and got a good number of responses from clients (in a world where you sometimes get used to no one calling back or returning e-mails); Thomas came home in the same pants I put him in this morning. I figured he didn't want to try underwear today at preschool, as he went through 3 pairs of pants and underwear yesterday, but he came home wearing nice dry ones! All day he asked to pee on the potty! It's funny how exciting this is!!! He's been pooping exclusively on the toilet for months now, but realizing the urge to pee was difficult and sporadic. Hopefully, we'll only have one in diapers soon enough.

Nicholas had a first today, too. I was holding him while eating some leftover pizza from last night (glamorous dinner, I know) and he kept trying to grab it. I would keep it out of his reach since it was probably greasy and he would get upset. So I let him have it and he nibbled a bit, then nibbled a lot. He really liked it, which for him was good because he hasn't been a fan of many table foods, and won't even have the 3rd food baby food with tiny bits of pasta in it. He identifies the pasta balls as something other than mush food and spits only them out one by one.

Chugging it

He liked the pizza so much that I brought him to his high chair and let him gnaw away. He took delight in my delight of him eating real food that he just kept laughing and smiling at me the whole time. It was so cute I had to run and grab the camera.
Speaking of cameras, I got a new Canon Rebel T2i, which was 2 birthdays and push presents in the making, so I'm very excited to relearn the settings again from my manual photography class at BU. Hopefully, in time for Nicholas' 1st birthday party!

Thomas was cute tonight when I put him to bed, he told me he wanted an "Arianna sister like Lisa and Ettore." So proud of both my boys today. Yay, day!

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