Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Vacations, Birthdays, Babies and Houses

Today I heard a back-to-school ad on the radio, and thought, "Already, really?!?!" If I was a teacher or student I dare say I would be insulted. Cutting summer like that while only a month in! Absurd.

The daycare closes for one week in August and that is when our real summer vacation will be. We're excited to be making our 2nd annual trip to Story Land with The W Clan, and then a good 5 days at the Cape. We're also planning a mini vacation either to Old Orchard to visit my cousin, her son and one of our uncles, or a separate Cape Cod trip with my mom and one of my sisters.

Should be fun!

Nicholas is in the midst of a 2nd big growth spurt, which means eating a ton! And as a result waking up a lot more often during the night to chow down. The last 2 weeks we have not gotten as much sleep as normal ("we" as in mostly me). His half birthday is in 2 days! His 6 month doctor appointment is this Friday and I can't wait to see how much he's grown. He is a super sweetheart and such a happy baby! A true delight.
He's funny though because he can be patient and chill right after a nap, but when he's ready to eat he can go from 0-60 in 2 seconds! The other week one of the daycare ladies told me when he's hungry the whole center can hear him. He will certainly let you know.

Last weekend we all were invited to Emma's 3rd birthday party and had a great time. There is a clan of 4 at daycare that seem to love to be together, and
whenever I ask Thomas who he played with today he'll say, Emma, Talia and Maba (Mirabelle). He really really likes Emma and talks about her a lot; it's so cute. Her mom tells me she talks about him non-stop at home, too!

She had an Ariel birthday and pool party, and the weather was certainly great for it as it's been hot and humid lately. This past Friday it got up to over 100 degrees with a very high dew point. It's weather like that where I wonder if I'll ever be able to revert back to a life without central air...

Speaking of which, we've been doing so much house hunting lately, that I really hope we find one with CA. Last Sunday we found the first really promising house in Holliston. We spent nearly an hour there! If it was in the Queens neighborhood that we love and had 4 beds instead of 3 we would have put an offer on it right away. For now we're sleeping on it, but it has a lot going for it and is at a low price for something that barely needs any work.
The yard was "acceptable" for my NH man, and there were 2 additions on the 1st floor, one being the master bedroom with a big closet, and the other being a cathedral ceiling sunroom/breakfast bar that led out to the back deck, and small front deck. It's on a dead-end street, which would be good for the kids to ride their bikes on someday, but it's missing the community vibe of a big neighborhood. We have a lot to think about, but it's exciting to find something we could even consider calling home for a change. Part of me realizes I'll miss our current town and being so close to Boston. It's a big decision finding your forever house.

We shall see...

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