Saturday, March 26, 2011

Franklin Park Zoo

March 18th Thomas' daycare was closed for a professional day so I decided to meet up with Pam and her boys and with the unseasonably warm weather (almost 70 degrees) we went to the zoo.

It was nice to get out and enjoy the warmer weather for a change as this winter has been relentlessly snowy. The 2 highlights of the trip were seeing the lion roar loudly and seeing Kiki's baby gorilla, Kambiri, who was oh-so-adorable!

It was a warm day, but the wind knocked the feel of the temp down. We were watching the lion when the wind got particularly fierce. After some hard gusts the lion stood up and looked directly into the wind and just roared at it, as if to say that's enough already! It was pretty cool. Thomas and Shaun got a little scared at first, but were assured they were safe and not going to get eaten (Shaun was so cute!)

Fully asserting that he holds the title, King of the Jungle, we could hear him throughout the park whenever he roared again. Thomas cannot stop talking about it (and the waterfall) and recounts the tale by giving his own hearty impression of a ROAR.

Toward the end I ran into a bit of trouble when Thomas, tuckered out from walking around and playing with David and Shaun on the playground, combined with skipping his nap, refused to walk and wanted me to hold him. By that time my legs were pretty tuckered out, too. Pam and I tried to convince him to ride in her double stroller (an essential purchase for having two so young), but he refused. I did my best to carry him and push Nicholas in the stroller one-handed, but when I couldn't hold him any longer I ended up sitting him on top of the stroller (not ideal, but the only other solution left) as we made our exit.

We all had a fun time and look forward to going back; next time equipped with the mighty double stroller and a daddy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 against 1*

At 10:45pm I finally got a chance to sit down tonight!

The Hub was out enjoying company box seats at the Celtics game so it was just me and the boys. Two is much easier to handle when you have two adults. It was a pretty good night, but when it comes to bedtime Thomas has been so resistant lately. Once 8pm came along I was about to get him upstairs, but then Nicholas woke up and needed to be fed. And fed...and fed. I figured Thomas would have a late bedtime tonight, but after diaper changes for both of them and a phone call to Uncle Ettore, (hanging up on him and laughing) and then a phone call to Auntie Lisa, 3 or 4 books and a drink we all went up at 10pm--his latest bedtime ever!

Thomas' diaper change took even longer because he's been doing a wonderful job with the potty; so much so that if he goes poop in his diaper he wants to put it into his potty or the toilet. I convinced him tonight to either let me just change his diaper or put it in the toilet as I don't want to clean out the potty if I don't have to. Into the toilet it plopped!

I was going to stay upstairs and go to sleep too, but needed to come down and pump and tidy up a little. Since pumping is a bit on the boring side I kill the time by watching TV or going online. Now that I'm done, I better be peace I'm out. Just wanted to post a cute picture of Thomas holding his baby brother that we took yesterday. He was so proud, and so were we.