Monday, August 10, 2009

Thiiiiiiis Close!

Thomas is so close to crawling. He has been crawling backwards for some time now, which is the first stage of learning how to crawl.

He just can't get over one of his large thunder thighs! Ever since we introduced cereal after waiting a week before his 6 month mark he has gained an impressive amount of weight and it has all seemed to go to his thighs! Though he has cute chub folds on his arms too. The Hub and I give him a good amount of time on his belly and put things he likes just out of his reach. He is very determined, and I'm afraid once he masters this new milestone he will be off like a rocket, and we'll have our hands full! I'm just really hoping we get to see his first success at it instead of missing the moment at daycare, but we're aware it will probably happen out of our sight =(

Today he really started to get the hang of using a sippy cup, which makes him look like such a big boy. He watches the older babies at daycare so I feel like he will be quite pleased with himself tomorrow. He only goes Tuesday through Friday.

This is my favorite picture of him taken so far (actually taken in June on one of the very few non-rainy days).
-Future Red Sox player

I got that Red Sox ball from the Mass Mentorship Luncheon I attended right before I got pregnant and he absolutely loves it! He will not let it go and sometimes falls asleep holding it. A few weeks ago we've started to play catch with him and he actually has a great arm!

He's so much fun! I just wish he would sleep a bit more...maybe some day. For now, a girl can dream...maybe.