Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not sure how long this will last...

but after a morning shower for Thomas (and Daddy), a diaper change (by Daddy), and 2 boobs' worth of milk for breakfast (by Do-You-Even-Have-to-Ask?), both of my guys are upstairs sleeping the beautiful morning away! I started to join them after Thomas went to sleep, but I was too awake with the day, and already got a refreshing 4 hours straight (unheard of, believe me!!!).

So here I am at 9am! Missing blogging, writing, reflecting, posting pictures...

I really wanted to post a 6 month stat update and still will (hopefully right after this post), but I think that is such a milestone it deserves it's own post, all to itself!

I will say, I can't believe how fast Thomas is growing! It really boggles my brain, and though he makes me proud every day, it also makes me a little sad that this time goes by so fast since it's so special. There are so many "firsts" not only for him but for me and The Hub. And even The Cats! Those Firsts also deserve their own posting IMO.

--Cute Shirt by Auntie Jen. I think Thomas is playing the Air Piano.

So here I sit, being "selfish" for a change. Wondering how much time I have to myself to enjoy a piece of me that I rarely share anymore, at least in a Blogspot World. I let my social butterfly out when I'm with people face-to-face or on the phone if Thomas "lets" me--COL! Yes, I mean COL. It looks weird to me too, but honestly, how much do you actually Laugh out Loud?? I tend to more Chuckle out Loud. Corny of me, I know, but I just like to be accurate (and understood!). I guess those who know me get what I mean, but whatever.

I think what I really want to post will be for 2 of my C friends who are preggers for the first time. I cannot wait to meet Baby Maz and Baby Campbell!! I know Maz will be a Boy!!! And I can't remember if BC is a Surprise or not...I could check something real quick, but don't want to get sidetracked like I always do, so I shan't. If it is a Surprise, I will guess Girl just b/c, but if not a Surprise then I bet it's a boy! Ha ha! My reasoning? EVERYONE is having BOYS so I would def remember if they were having a Girl!!! I guess that post will also be for another time as it deserves its own piece too.

Even tho I LOVE sleep, I have a certain love for the mornings as well. I always thought "morning people" were cool, so I guess in his own way Tad is making me cooler! Like a good housewife-who-also-works (WTF am I doing no wonder I'm exhausted and sick all the time!) I had made coffee on this fine morning. Apparently, I am too nice to kick Oscar off my lap so I will just peer around his tail as I type. The Cats also will get their own post since they are putting up with a lot and we try our best to make sure they still feel loved (cuz they are!) I am teaching Thomas to pet the cats gently and in turn praise the cats for not turning around and biting him! So far so good. Well so far, pretty good. The Baby needs more work than the Cats, but in his defense he's much younger! Plus, Darla, Milo, & Oscar have a lot of experience and...patience thanks to a certain someone I love so much who never grew up with pets--poor kid!

Well I hear my cue thanks to the Lovely clear monitor Jojo got for the Baby Shower--thanks Jo, you rock!

Many postings for another day--at least I got in my own cup of coffee!!! So selfish. Ha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1/2 a year ago...

I had a fairly regular day...went to a prenatal appt and found out I was 4-5 cms and 100% dilated (aka Walking Time Bomb), went to the office even though I had the day off (for some reason I thought Veteran's Day was observed on that Monday), handed out most of my thank you cards from the work shower, met with the usual "YOU'RE STILLLL HERE?!?!" questions and faces, went to help out the Wicks b/c I think The Doc had car trouble while working at the VA, went out to eat at Fridays with the four of them, went online for a little bit, until the Hub and I thought we would watch some DVR Lost; 10 mins into the show TAD decided he had better vacate! Pulled an all nighter (first since college) and met Thomas at 7:27am the next day. Exhausted but delighted!

Crazy to me that he will be 6 months old tomorrow!!!
Thankful to have shared my 1st Mother's Day with my two favorite guys, and wishing I could have seen my own Mom yesterday as originally planned (stupid flu).

Love to all you Moms, Grandmas and Moms-to-Be!

Monday, May 04, 2009

On Loving Bathrooms by Milo Man

The aroma is profoundly familiar...

like my entangled nuggets.

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