Friday, August 08, 2008

Babies, Weddings, Green Monsters and Fireworks

Well as you can tell I'm barely online lately. I've been pretty tired and engrossed in reading Angels and Demons.

I'll try to do some more recapping that I've been meaning to do.

The Big Ultrasound
We had the big ultrasound on June 9th where we were excited to learn It's a Boy! I call this the Big Ultrasound because it's much longer than a regular one with my doctor and they measure a lot of things and really get in depth. At Beth Israel it's done in Radiology. They counted all the fingers and toes, we were able to see the 4 chambers of the heart, the hemispheres of the brain, and overall he looks very good and healthy. We even saw him drinking the amniotic fluid--it was amazing to see! This thing was so in depth they could even tell from which ovary the egg was fertilized. He was moving quite a bit during the ultrasound, but at the time I still couldn't feel any of it due to the anterior position of the placenta (things I would never think of). There is no question of the sex--definitely a boy! My friend Aura is due a week after me with her 2nd and had an ultrasound the same day (even within 15 mins of each other) so we were texting each other on the way to the hospital to wave hi to the little ones and wish each other well. In the beginning it was hard not to get a little anxious, always eager to see and hear the heartbeat and hope everythng looks ok (thankfully it did).

Things are going well. I'm really feeling the baby kick a lot now, mostly when I lay down or am eating food. The last ultrasound we had was Monday of last week and he's measuring over 2 lbs and looking good. Beth Israel also does the 3D ultrasounds which I'm not big on as I think they look kinda freaky, but seeing him live on the monitor was very neat. You can see more of the facial structure and the little bitty shape of the nose, things you normally just see in profile.

Niferose's Wedding
June 15th we went to Jen and Nick's wedding. It was a great time and it's still funny to think how Jen liked him way back in middle school and now they are married! Her dress was gorgeous and a pale pink which everyone loved. Here's a picture of "the six of us," a group that started around middle school, some of us as early as elementary. The ceremony was at Mount Holyoke's chapel where she went to college and the grounds were lovely for picture taking. Aura's daughter Carolyn was a flower girl (an old pro, she was also the flower girl in my wedding) and she was so cute as we all got ready together. She's very excited about her mother's pregnancy and everything we did she'd say the babies are talking, the babies are sitting near each other, the babies are walking; then she'd come over every so often and hug me or pat my belly and exclaim, baby! Nick cracks me up and sang/performed a signature song of his, which I caught on tape. Now they are going through the process of buying their first house together--good luck on the inspection and everything!

The Philly Move
June 21st we drove down to Philly for the last time to help our friends move back to Boston. PS has all the gritty details on her blog so I defer to that. We're very happy to have them close by!

Green Monster Seats!
We enjoyed a unique view of a Red Sox game from atop the Green Monster, and it was wicked awesome! It didn't matter that they lost or that no home run balls came flying at us--it was such a cool experience. I won a sales contest at work and this is what I got/hoped for. I've been in a lot of behind the scenes places at Fenway but this is the one place I could never go. The left fielder was pretty close to us even though we were high up.

4th of July
I'll close with the 4th of July party on my cousin, Wendy's roof deck on Beacon Hill. It was pretty nice and made me nostalgic of the days when the Hub and I lived in Kenmore Square right along the Charles as we'd have 4th of July BBQs up there where you can see the barge shooting off the fireworks. Our roofdeck was lit up by the CITGO sign, it was the best thing about that tiny studio apartment we somehow survived in together (that thing was tiny--it must have been true love, ha!) It was also reminiscent of childhood 4th of Julys since her Dad was manning the grill and we sang happy birthday to her and her twin sister Darlee.

All for now--need to get some sleep. Tomorrow it's off to The Stacks for a BBQ. I can't believe it's already August; this summer is flying by!